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5 Reasons to Keep Your Social Media Channels

The benefits of social media tends to divide opinion of business owners. For some it is the perfect way to reach their customers, but others view it as a waste of time and energy.

Here are 5 good reasons not to abandon your social media...

1) Your Clients Are On Social Media

The nature of your business may mean you won’t achieve sales online, but the ability to connect and communicate directly with both existing and potential customers online should not be underestimated. It is a great opportunity to improve brand recognition, build customer loyalty and convey the value your business can offer your clients.

2) It's a Point Of Contact

It’s 2020 and people expect to be able to find business on social media. Chances are it will be one of the first things they turn to if they want to get in touch with you. It may raise a few eyebrows if they cant find you.

3) Support Other Marketing Activities

Social media can be a great way to promote other marketing activities which may offer more tangible returns for your business. It can be highly effective in driving website traffic, highlighting ongoing promotions and keeping clients updated. If you think social media doesn’t work, use it to promote what does work for your business.

4) Sell Your Personality

Depending on the nature of your business, social media may offer an opportunity to be more informal with your clients than other marketing methods would allow. Property Pal is a great example of this. Their award winning social media is full of humorous and sarcastic content that people can relate to, making it highly effective.

5) Don’t Fear The Negativity

All business owners will fear the damage of negative reviews on social media, but actually it’s a good opportunity to demonstrate strong customer aftercare. Let your followers see you respond quickly if there has been an issue and your ability to resolve the problem effectively. Turn a negative into a positive.

At Mid Ulster Marketing we offer a full range of social media marketing services. If you would like a chat about what we can offer your business, we would be delighted to hear from you!


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